Click2Call Service Prices
The Payment for Click2Call service is based on monthly fee and additional charge according to the number of calls and their length. This is not a pre-paid service - If you didn't talk, you won't pay.

Monthly Fee:
The service's monthly fee is 20 NIS per month.

Calls Recording:
It is possible to record all the calls with addition of 20 NIS per month.

Calls Prices:
This is the prices list for the calls, according to the type of phone at the customer and the busineess (land line or cell phone):
Business's Phone Type Customer's Phone type Price per Minute
Land Line Land Line 0.3 NIS
Land Line Cellular Phone 0.5 NIS
Cellular Phone Land Line 0.5 NIS
Cellular Phone Cellular Phone 0.7 NIS
*The charge is by 12 seconds units
*The prices do not include tax.
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